What is internal linking?

Internal inking is the way by which you link your page to another page, the linking of this page is called the Internal Linking.

The internal linking is the same as hyperlinks but the difference is that in hyperlink we link pages which are outside our page. 

Eg. In the webpage we link our youtube video, Facebook page, etc.

In internal linking we link pages which we have created within the page.

Eg. We have the webpage of blogs and we have to link onsite pages with backlinks that are internal linking.

Internal linking is the process of Linking page which is within our own webpage.

Importance of Internal Linking 

Google divides link value between all the links on a web page. Often, the homepage of a website has the greatest link value because it has the most backlinks created. That link value will be shared between all the links found on that homepage which you have created. The link value passed to the following page will be divided between the links on that page, and so on other pages also rank with them.

Therefore, your newest blog posts will get more link value if you link to them from the homepage or from another trending page. And Google will find new posts quicker if they’re linked to from the homepage.