What is duplicate content

Duplicate substance is content which is accessible on numerous URLs on the web. Since more than one URL shows a similar substance, web indexes don’t know which URL to list higher in the query items. Consequently they may rank the two URLs lower and offer inclination to different website pages. 

It is content which is already there in other web pages and registered under google algorithms. The content should be unique, it should not be a copy of other webpages.  

Role of duplicate content in SEO 

There are many explanations behind duplicate substances. A large portion of them are specialized: it’s not frequently that a human chooses to place similar substances in two better places without clarifying which is the first. Except if youve 

cloned a post and distributed it unintentionally obviously. Be that as it may, else, it feels unnatural to a large portion of us. 

There are numerous specialized reasons however and it generally happens on the grounds that designers don’t adopt the thought process of a program or even a client, not to mention a web crawler arachnid – they take on a similar mindset as a developer.