What is onpage SEO?

On-page web optimization is an activity of ranking your website pages and getting more traffic in your webpage by doing internal activities. 

SEO is done by on-page and off-page, where off-page seo is the activity which is performed outside the web site. Let’s come back to on-page seo, in this you have to make your website stronger. For making a website stronger you have to do the following things which come under on-page seo. What all things we need to do in on-page seo is explained briefly.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

To make your website rank you need strong keywords from which traffic comes. The keyword which you use should be relevant to your webpage.

Title Tag: 

Title Tag

Maximise usage of title element is up to 60 characters. Avoid long titles keywords beyond 12 words in a title are much less powerful.

There is no limit to the words Google will recognise in a Title. Google will rank a 32 word title for that specific query (32 is the maximum length of a query in Google) even if the words are not on the page and only in the title.

Use your best keyword which is trending and for which people search a lot.

Meta Description: 

Meta Description

The meta description tag is the  snippet used to summarize your web page content. Search engines use these meta descriptions in search results to let visitors know what a page is about before they click on it. By the help of meta description viewers come to know what your website is about.

URL Structure: 

URL Structure

URL Structure is nothing but your url which google first search. By the help of url google finds the relevant webpage for its clients. 

Header Tags: 

Header Tags

Headers Provides Structure to web pages. How will google come to know what you have mentioned under which part. By the help of header google will get your content and it looks clean for viewers too.

Internal Link: 

Internal Link

Internal link by name you will get if one page is connected to another page. For eg. You are selling shoes and you have mentioned 4 types of shoes. Sports, casual, fashion, office. People will click on sports then your page will go to the sports shoes webpage.



Sitemap is important because with the help of Sitemap we tell google to send their bots to check our website and rank our website. With the help of Sitemap bots come to our webpage, it’s similar to an invitation card. It’s the invitation card for google to come and see our webpage.

Why is on page SEO important?

In recent years, other Internet marketing channels have appeared in this online business. Many shifted their online business to some very popular channels like social media marketing and dropping their SEO efforts without carefully analyzing real data. 

SEO is not dead, and if fact it is still fully alive and is still the most important source of targeted traffic to websites. Organic web search or natural search engine results still sites at the top of traffic sources used by SEO efforts. The report also states that this percentage is growing at a steady rate and is good to continue growing in the next couple of years.