Branding’s main purpose is to influence your consumers’ behaviour in such a way that they stand out from their competition.

There are several ways to promote your brand. But there are primarily three models of branding.

Models of Branding –

  1. Rational Branding
  2. Emotional Branding
  3. Cultural Branding

Rational Branding

In this Model, Rational Branding is applied when you brand your product or services in such a way that they describe product features.

For example-

You could take the maggi ad, In this ad what they are focusing on is that it just takes just 2 minutes to cook Maggi.

Emotional Branding – 

After Rational Branding, Emotional branding comes into play. It’s the process of creating bonds between your product and your customer through emotions.

For Example – 

Watch this ad, this is the perfect example of Emotional branding where they provoke your emotions or thoughts.

Cultural Branding – 

In this Model brands create the strategy where they position themselves as an Icon for their Consumers. 

For Example – 

Watch this ad, in this ad what they did they just position themselves as an icon and grab the nation’s attention.

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