What is Anchor text? 

Anchor text is the obvious characters and words that hyperlinks show when connecting to another report or area on the web. It normally shows up as blue underlined text, however you change your site’s connection hues and styles through your HTML or CSS.

Anchor text is the interactive text in a hyperlink. Web optimization best practices direct that anchor text be pertinent to the page you’re connecting to, as opposed to conventional text. The blue, underlined anchor text is the most widely recognized as it is the web standard, in spite of the fact that it is conceivable to change the shading and underlining through html code. The watchwords in anchor text are one of the numerous signs web indexes use to decide the subject of a page.

How to Optimize anchor text for SEO?

For Optimized anchor text you have to add a perfect link to your main keywords. The link should not be the fraud website, it will affect your website because it’s linked with your site too. 

You have to link the best and perfect link in the main keyword so the traffic on that website will improve and visa versa.

As mentioned earlier, you can’t always influence the anchor text because of earning backlinks without even knowing what the page is about, but that doesn’t mean you will outreach 1000 webmasters to give you a backlink with the identical one.

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