Branding –

What is branding? What does it mean it’s just not about the LOGO. A brand can be defined as Name, Term, Sign, Symbol and Design to recognize as goods and Services.

Branding differentiates you from your competition in the crowded market. But the Brand is much more than this.

Branding is a set of associations that they form in the mind of the target consumer. For example, if you think about instant food, what Brand comes to your account. 

Its Maggi isn’t it.

Why you just came up with Maggi, but there are several and similar products in the market. But the Maggi differentiate from the other products.

Suppose you are in a store and you are in the foods section in the store, there are several brands of noodles in the store, but when it comes to buying them.

In the buying process, you eliminate all of the Brand because they didn’t come to your mind in instant Purchase.

That happens many times when we are buying. Brands are valuable because they allow consumers to choose more natural. 

For buyers, brands make them confident about their Product, Security and Satisfaction.

How to Build a Brand-

All brands build on two pillars-

  1. Brand Awareness
  2. Brand Image

Brand Awareness – 

Brand awareness is how easily potential customers recognize a brand.

Brand Image – 

Brand Image is a unique identity with a brand that is positive and strong.

Build Strong Brand using 4p’s

  1. Product
  2. Price
  3. Place
  4. Promotion

Brand Building using Products-

Once you decide to launch a product you should consider Brand name on the Product, logo and Design. Each of the element will touch the consumers and create awareness with your Brand.

Brand Building using Price – 

Pricing also helps in Building brands, if you are selling a product and launching it for the first time. So you have to be exclusive as a brand for a high price.

If you are selling a mass marketing or bulk product, so need a mass marketing Price.

Brand Building using Place – 

While distributing your product also helps build awareness and brand building. So the Place or store in which you distribute your product can help you.

Need to figure out where your product is in the stores can help you create awareness.

Brand Building using Promotion-

Promotion is how you inform your consumers about your Brand. The development has many forms such as Advertising, Personal Selling, sales and Public Relation.

Each of the 4p’s creates awareness in respectively, but when you integrate them into one, it sends a Strong, Consistent and Positive message for your Brand.